Online Alpha in English

Alpha starts at Monday January 29 2024 19.30 uur

What is Alpha?

Alpha is a space where you can talk about the meaning of life and faith. Alpha welcomes everyone. In about 15 evenings, (10 weeks) you explore the basics of christian faith. Each evening addresses a different question around faith and is designed to create a good conversation.

For whom?

For you, if you like to meet others and talk about questions related to the meaning of life and faith.

What does an Alpha evening look like?

We start with a short moment of informal sharing.These moments serve to get to know each other better and build friendships.

After this moment we watch a 30 minutes video about a topic related to faith, addressing questions like Who is Jesus?, How can we have faith?, Why and how do I pray?, and How does God guide us?

Then we share our thoughts and ideas, and discuss them in a small group. You are invited to contribute your perspective if you like. It’s an opportunity to listen to each other in a sincere, friendly and open environment.

Alpha weekend

In the middle of the Alpha trajectory we’ll come together in person for one or two days to learn more about the Holy Spirit and have a personal experience with the love of God.

Last Alpha day

We’ll come together in person one more time at the end of the Alpha to celebrate our experiences and find ways to move forward.


For questions and / or registration you can contact us via

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